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  • Member: bestantreas
  • Title: Vegeta & Trunks PerfectCellSaga AMV
  • Premiered: 2007-02-15
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    • Stan Bush Fight to Survive
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  • Comments: Well, this video is created with Window Movie Maker, so there's no many special effects, but the anime scenes are following the lyrics of the song. It took me about 4 hours to make it. I use Van Damme's Bloodsport soundtrack by Stan Bush, Fight to survive.

    It show the period when Vegeta & Trunks came out from Hyperbolic Chamber (Room of Spirit & Time) and they went to confront Cell.
    Am sure you all know he story but i will describe what this video include briefly. Vegeta shows his new form to Cell, and he easily betas him. But Vegeta, as a proud warrior, let him to asborb Android 18 and become Perfect.
    Now Vegeta doeshn't stand a chance against Cell. After Vegetas beatdown, Trunks gets into the battle and he seems superior to Cell, but not in every way, only in brute strength, but what can you do with your strenght if your opponent is faster and you can't hit him?
    Trunks realises his weakness and he accept his deafeat.

    I hope you will like it, I'm not a very experienced AMV creator but I putted almost everythin I got into that video.

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