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  • Member: SQ
  • Title: Challenges
  • Premiered: 2003-01-17
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    • Linkin Park KRWLNG
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  • Comments: ANIME IN THIS VIDEO: Card Captor Sakura: The First Movie*, Earthian*, The Last Unicorn, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, The Legend of the Dragoon*, Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz(Mov. Ver.)*.
    I tried to get all the anime in the catalog, but everytime I checked them, only the last one that I checked stayed in the catalog. I've posted a question on what I'm doing wrong in the forum, and no one wants to answer, so don't critisize me for doing somethign "wrong" if you don't wish to help me make it "right"!
    Woo Hoo! It's finally done! If you've seen the Teaser trailer for this vid("Kingdom Hearts Special") and you've been waiting to see this, you're in luck! It's a heck of a lot better then the trailer, but starts off the same way, so you'll be getting some deja vu here and there within the AMV. Now onto description.

    IMPORTANT: This AMV has a LOT of symbolism in it. In fact, it will probably bore you till near the end if you DON'T know/understand the AMV's symbolism. A link to a text document is provided near the bottom of this page explaining it all. If you are too lazy to copy and paste the URL to find out this symbolism, then don't watch the AMV at all.

    TECHNICAL ASPECTS: Well, it at first had a TON of effects in it. Lots of transparencies and what not. This AMV actually startet out as a completely different AMV which was to be entitled "The Life of the AMV Creator" It was going to have thought processes of the creator, and highlight the stresses a creator feels while creating, editing, rendering, and showcasing their Music videos. Unfortunetly, both Premiere and Windows Movie Maker decided to stall on me, and not give me the effects I wanted, so about half of the effort I put into the vid was pointless, meaningless, and just a pure stress release, I guess. After a few days of messing with Premiere and WMM to try to get them to work, I gave up, and devolped a new concept for the video, so atleast SOME of my effort wouldn't go to waste. I was working on the teaser trailer at the time, and when I was creating the credits for it, it dawned on me "I'll call it challenges! It can highlight all the challenges a character in an anime has to go through!" Thus, "The Life of the AMV Creator" was thrown off into another dimension to be pulled much later, and "Challenges" was born; the siemese twin of "The Life of the AMV Creator" Nifty, huh? ANyway, the effects I used for "Challenges" are mostly putting in old film-replicas of scratches and hair, along with some color changes. I also messed with some color tints, blurred things, made stuff transparent and multiplied things.

    The Multiplying is what gets people. They're like "Why did you put this here? It's pointless, and I can't tell what's going on when it's all so small" Well, the only place where I used the multiplication of frames was the first time "Confusing. . .zing, zing, zing, zing. . ." Was sung. For some odd reason that one part of the song cannot be heard completely, so the "confusing" lyric is way far off. However, I still liked the effect, and how the screens multiplied more each time "zing" was said, so I left it there. Take points off if you must. The other effects are just kind of "there". The meanings of the effects(their symbolism) will be included in the text document when I put it up.

    STORY ASPECTS: This basically deals with the character's inner feelings, actions, and overall stresses the challenges they face to "get the job done". Some of you may think my anime choice was poor(some of you may even think some of the 'anime' in there isn't even anime), but to me those were divine examples.

    THINGS SQ WISHES SHE COULD CHANGE: The stupid pixeliness of some of the Kingdom Hearts footage. For some odd reason, it's only Kingdom Hearts, and none of the other game footage that's pixely. This might be to wmv compression, though. Also there's some wierd lagging and pixeliness at the end with the Endless Waltz footage. I'd really like ot know how that got there. =(.

    OTHER: "The Last Unicorn" is an anime. It was made in Japan. By Japanese people. It never debuted in Japan, but instead went to Russia, and then the United States. But ti was still MADE by the Japanese, so it's an anime. Some people just don't get that, so I thought I'd mention it.

    Also, the first few minutes kind of goes in chronological order with Kingdom Hearts' intro. So it seems as if almost no effort were put into it. However, this is not true. If you stare at the original clips while you watch the beginning of the AMV, you can tell a lot of effort was put into it for cuing purposes. Classical music is hard to cue Anime to, and when you do, it often gets slow and boring. Thus, the beginning of the AMV is sort of. . . Slow and boring. When the lyrics start being sung, and Sephiroth is about to be "Summoned"(?) is when the AMV really starts to get interesting. I hope you enjoy it.

    SYMBOLISM: Go Here:
    I HIGHLY reccomend copy and pasting the text within the document somewhere else, for lack of word wrap.
    THANKS TO Devolution FOR HOSTING the higher quailty 60MB .wmv version! THANK HIM, GODAMNIT! THANK HIM!

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