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  • Members: [Mike of the Desert], Sharingan no Lisa
  • Studio: TwinLight Studios
  • Title: Darkness Over Light 3: A Fate Devoured by Darkness
  • Premiered: 2007-02-15
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    • Linkin Park Somewhere I Belong
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  • Comments: Here it is.
    This is the Third and "Central" Chapter of the Darkness Over Light Saga.
    If anyone doesn't know about this Amv Series, let me introduce it a little:

    The Darkness Over Light Saga:

    "Darkness Over Light" is, exactly, an Amv Saga. It will be composed by Three Chapters, plus a Final one that will be a reunion of all the protagonists of it into one final video. A Fate Devoured by Darkness is the third and so the one that ends the presentation of the three charachters that live in the Trilogy.

    I II III

    Talking about footage, DOL (From now on we'll call it like this) it's done using the Anime "Naruto", and all the chapters will follow this series.
    In simple words, every video is a Charachter Profile, filled with a story within it that doesn't really follow the anime's, even if it's taken from the original's.
    Now, what can we say: DOL, as title says, will never be a video that'll show happy endings, any funny part or even any clip that could make you smile.

    These are the Chapters done and the ones that are programmed for the future:
    DOL I : Uzumaki Naruto
    DOL II: Gaara of the Desert
    DOL 3: Rock Lee
    DOL IV: Finale

    A Fate Devoured by Darkness:

    This Third Chapter talks about Rock Lee, one of the Charachters I love the most in the Naruto Series, and that I bet have the saddest, struggling and darkest story of anyone else. So.. This is, without any doubt, the most saddest video of all the Saga.
    I'll Repeat it again, this video has absolutely not an happy ending, I shall say the opposite. You'll see that by yourselves, if you want. =)
    In two words: This video talks about Unlimited Sadness, Struggling Sufference and once a light of hope appear, it's destroyed and this time, definitively and once for all.

    For Who doesn't know Naruto: Rock Lee is a Ninja, that besides his uncapability to use any Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, fight for his dream, that is to show,
    to prove that even with the simple Taijutsu (Martial Arts) he'll become a great Ninja, in all senses. It successfully become a Genin (The lowest Ninja Official Graduation), in despite of any prevision, but then, after some years, during the Chuunin Selection Exam (The Chuunin is the successive grade, from Genin) lose the test battle, using a prohibited Jutsu (That completely destroy his articulations) and being heavily injured by his opponent, Gaara of the Desert. Both these things end up making Lee uncapable to be, ever again, a Ninja. Though, besides, there is one hope, a difficult operation, that has just the 50% probabilty of success (In case of failure, the result would be Death) that could at least make him capable to move well and to train again himself, to try, another time, the way he chosen. Lee, of course, is absolutely unsure to what to do, but, in the end, thanks to the words and the support of his master, decides to do it.
    The Operation, suddenly have Success..

    Technical/Artistic/Editing Issues:

    As every DOL has, also this Third Chapter has his own Style, but this time you'll not find any Shaking Screen, this time the main feature of the video is the Lip Synch (This part of the work is been done by Sharingan no Lisa), the story is completed telled by the Singer: Rock Lee; the Whole video is based upon this particular, that Rock Lee is singing.

    For who'll first notice the song used, I'll post a comment I received about it here =) :
    "You've been really brave choosing Linkin Park for this video, knowing, I felt it like -Guys I'm using Linkin Park, but my video will be anyway really beautiful, don't mind about this banal and overused song, I want to show you that I can make a beautiful video even using it!-, It's really Rock-Lee Style."
    This is a comment that I really appreciated a lot. ;P

    Chronological View/Importance of Lyrics:
    Lee, the Singer, after the Battle with Gaara, thinking about his only hope, damning the world and himself, is seated where he sweared to have succes in his dream, when suddenly his Sempai comes, worried.. To talk with him about the situation, his past and.. His future. Then, here it is, Rock Lee begins to Sing, so the Lyrics play an absolutely important part in this video, as well as the same Lip Synch and, beware, the expressions that shows while doing it, that are a really important particular.
    After the Second Chorus, in the Final Part of the video, Lee is not remembering his past, now we are in the Present, this is why you'll not see a backside face singing.

    So, the Lyrics are:

    [Verse 1]
    I had nothing to say
    and i get lost in the nothingness inside of me
    (i was confused)
    and i live it all out to find, but im not the only person wit these things in mind
    (inside of me)
    but all that they can see the words revealed
    is the only real thing that i got left to feel
    (nothing to lose)
    just stuck hollow and alone
    and the fault is my own and the fault is my own

    I wanna heal i wanna feel what i thought was never real
    i wanna let go of the pain ive felt so long.
    erase all the pain til its gone
    i wanna heal i wanna feel like im close to something real.
    i wanna find something ive wanted all along
    somewhere i belong

    And i got nothing to say. i cant believe i didnt fall right down on my face
    (i was confused)
    look at everywhere only to find.
    it is not the way i had imagined it all in my mind.
    (so what am i)
    what do i have but negativity
    cuz i cant trust no one by the way everyone is looking at me
    (nothing to lose)
    nothing to gain im hollow and alone
    and the fault is my own
    and the fault is my own

    [Repeat Chorus]

    [Verse 3]
    I will never know myself until i do this on my own
    cuz i will never feel anything else until my wounds are healed
    i will never be anything til i break away from me
    i will break away. ill find myself today

    [Repeat chorus]

    Collab Info:
    Michele (Mike of the Desert) : Editing, Planning, Compression etc.
    Sharingan no Lisa: Lip Synch execution.

    As for the other Chapters, even this one have a completely blasting ending, if you can or want check the previous ones, you'll see that everyone shows his true
    Ending just in the extremely final clip, I'm really careful (and 'perfectionist') about these things, so the same it's be done in A Fate Devoured by Darkness. =)

    Now, taking a look at the simple Technical Informations:
    Work Time: Video Started the 26th November 2006
    Programs Used:
    Adobe After Effects Pro 6.5 (Editing)
    Adobe Photoshop CS 2.0 (Some Masking and Effects)
    VirtualDub Mod (Compression and Pre-After Work/Cleaning)
    Video: 640x480 DX50 Compatible
    Audio: MP3 Lame 192kbps

    Sadly, as always, compression is the thing I hate the most in a video, I done my best with this one but, in the end, even if the quality isn't bad, if compared to the Raw -Of course- it is.. At least, I found the RAW one give stronger feelings than this one. And I'm not really soddisfacted with the Audio at high volumes.. But I hope to be just too critic in my regards.

    A lot of thanks to my Beta-Tester: Obi-Wan Kenewbie

    Thanks to everyone who'll take a look at it and even more to who'll take some of
    his/her time to let me know what he/she thinks of it, Enjoy!

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