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  • Member: heartofdreams
  • Title: Galerians Rion "Breathe into me" remastered
  • Premiered: 2007-02-07
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    • Red Breathe into me
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  • Comments: Note: this amv contains spoilers of the anime movie so you are warned

    My brand new amv on the 2004 movie Galerians: Rion, with the song "Breathe into me" by the talented band Red.

    I got hooked back into Galerians recently when I saw a anime music video done by ZenProductions on youtube, and I told myself I have to create an amv on Galerians or I'll never forgive myself XD

    I really wanted to tell the story of Galerians with the journey the main character Rion went through, and when I heard the song from Red, it totally clicked and I felt like the music went so well with the movie and I had to use it.

    This one was a real struggle to do because I wanted to get everyone as perfect as it could be, and I must have spent days at a time working on a few seconds of video when I was first building it together. it took over a month and a half before the video was all together and then came the weeks after of editing and rechecking to make sure everything was alright.

    The credits at the end I did with paint shop pro x, I merely picked the writing that was similar to the words "Galerians: Rion" and brightened it saved it undid and did all over again till I had about 14 pictures. Then I fitted them all together on moviemaker and worked my magic so it looked like they were glowing ^.^

    So yep I am really happy with how it turned out and I hope this video makes people get into the Galerians series because the plot is awesome and Rion's character is kick butt XD

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