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  • Member: icechai
  • Studio: A-N Productions
  • Title: Hope
  • Premiered: 2001-09-21
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    • H.O.T. Hope
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  • Comments: My personal "Final Exam" project. Created during a stressful period (final exams at college), this video in a way symbolizes my optimistic outlook towards the upcoming months. Countless hours were spent choosing the right scenes for the song, because I really wanted to do the song justice. Lots of editing, matching the lyrics, beats, and everything else. The song I chose is a song most of you won't understand (Hope by Korea's H.O.T.), but that's OK because I subtitled this video both in English and Konglish (Korean prounounciation in English). This song was #1 in Korea for many weeks a few years back, and I think the music and lyrics fit very nicely to what I had in mind originally when I wanted to make this video.

    After finishing this video, encoding the subs and everything, I found a few scenes that didn't seem to fit in the video, so I went back and re-edited those parts. This cycle happened about... 4 times. Suffice to say a days worth of work was spent re-editing.

    For those of you familiar w/ Kare Kano, I mainly chose scenes from the first 15 episodes. During parts of this video I was quite surprised how well this anime went with the song.

    Thnx to BAMVC & Alpha Omega for hosting.

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