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  • Member: maricela
  • Title: Hiyono Thinks She's In Love With Ayumu
  • Premiered: 2007-02-12
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    • Jessica Simpson I Think I'm In Love With You
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  • Comments: Hi, I'm Angelica Reynoso.

    This is my first AMV of Spiral I made. I used a Ripper Platinum 4 program to rip my own DVD footage.

    The idea for this song was that everytime I hear it Hiyono come out in my mind. She does some silly things in regards to Ayumu & I really believe that she's in love with Ayumu. I really wanted to make a AMV using clips of those two together. In my opinion, Hiyono & Ayumu are the best couple in this series.

    I hope you enjoy. ^_^

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