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  • Title: Kingdom Hearts Special
  • Premiered: 2003-01-15
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    • Linkin Park Opening
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  • Comments: Well, this all started as a Teaser Trailer for my "Challenges" AMV which is to come out sometime soon. But, it now can be interpreted as an AMV uniquely on its own because I used a whole song.

    Technical Aspects: No, as much as it may sound like it, I did NOT cut the song short. That's how it is. And yes, effort was put into this. If you've seen every scene in here, you can tell it was edited. It just *looks* like I put whole clips in there and said "Ah HA. It fits by itself, no effort from me!".

    Story Aspects: Well, if you look at it as an original AMV instead of the trailer it was *supposed* to be, the story is basically to summarize Sora's life into about 30 seconds, ending with the "last fight"(it really isn't the last fight in the game, but, oh well). FFVII fans like seem to like the ending I have put from my responses before I put it on the org. =P This also has a small clip of Riku from Kingdom Hearts II, I put it there to entice people, but now, it could be considered as how Riku and Sora are fighting over the love of Kairi, which is shown in the ending credits.

    Trailer Aspects: It has some nice screenshots from Kingdom Hearts II used as background for the credits that arn't in the AMV itself, and the AMV itself never ceases to make me go "Damn that "Challenges" AMV better come out SOON."

    Symbolism: Yes, this video uses a lot of symbolism. Espiecially that of dreams.(huh, that sounds familar don't it?) This is the first time I've used and actually stressed symbolism in one of my videos. I'm going to make you work for your meanings. =P Go here:
    and look up "water", "Intruder"(note: REM sleep is Rapid Eye Movement sleep), "Underwater", "Fight" and any other words you may find necessary to find the meaning of this AMV. All definitions above relate to Sora, except for "Fight" which relates to both Sora and Riku.

    Hope you enjoy

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