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  • Member: Kwasek
  • Studio: More Than Toast Productions
  • Title: hmm
  • Premiered: 2003-01-14
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    • Jeff Danna Ross' Concert
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  • Comments: I feel in love with this song the second I heard it in the movie "Uncorked". (good movie.) I've used it twice for my school projects and have been itching to make an amv to it.

    At the same time I've been looking for the right song to work with this theme for Hand Maid May. The thing I liked best about Hand Maid May was when It ends (not a huge spoiler but you might want to skip ahead if you don't want any chance of anything being ruined.) ...when it ends they don't give you a clear answer on who Kazuya ends up with. (personally I'd like him to end up with Kasumi ^_^) The goal of this video was to show the small battle between Kasumi and May in trying to get Kazuya to be theirs and in the end not knowing who wins.

    After a little while I decided to try and combine the two. It was a much harder process than I had thought it would be. I had sections that I thought were complete that I would come back to the next day and totally rip apart. Just trying to keep a story line going and trying to keep the video flowing with the music was really tough without lyrics and musical tempo changes to guide it. The first two minutes of the song have a small change in tempo, then the third minute changes everything. So only had those two main sections as boarders, and that first 2 minutes taunted me because that's where the story was built. Don't know if I am explaining this well, so to put it simply It was the hardest video for me to make conceptually. I hope you enjoy it!

    The title was another thing I struggled with and that's why it is a little ambiguous. I couldn't use the song's title, as I often do. hmm is the abbreviation of Hand Maid May in its simplest form, but for your entertainment there is more about it. I had named my video folder hmm, and when it came time to name the video I looked back at that. I really like how hmm looked lower cased, but I never thought of it as the phonetic sound of humming. For a while I thought of stupid titles like Untitled Acoustic, 3 Entries for Acoustic, #16 and Kazuya's Concert as a play off of the song's titled. I ended up going back to hmm since that would be the sound you made if you imitated an acoustic guitar. I'm silly.

    Won best Drama/Romance at Jacon 2003
    Won best Instrumental in the AWA 9 Pro Contest

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