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  • Member: Szwagier
  • Studio: Szwagier Productions
  • Title: Children Drawbook
  • Premiered: 2007-02-06
  • Category:
  • Song:
    • Fasolki Dzieciecy Zespol Kolorowe Kredki
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  • Comments: Translation file
    Since this song is in Polish and I'm aware it's not a common language I asked my friend for a translation, and made it to *txt which you can Download here

    At the very start I want to apologize to all of you for the quality of the audio in this AMV. The reason for this is pretty simple - the song is an old one, and was never recorded on a CD or remastered. So frankly the only audio I could lay my hands on was one recorded from casette. I cleaned it to the best of my abilities (and trial audio programs) but I could not make it perfectly clear. So I hope for your consideration, and that you will bear with the audio :]

    In any case what's this video all about? Well to put it simple it's about children drawings. The idea appeared one day, when I was watching Kare Kano again. During 13 episode, when there was a lot of drawings from Tsubasa memories, a thought appear - "there's lot of those drawing in various anime series.. hmm... i've never seen amv done to it... so... gonna do it". Finding the song that fits the theme was easy, since "Kolorowe kredki" was an obvious choice. Anime selection was harder, since I needed something to cover the parts that were yet blank in my mind. Thx to some AMVs I watched that time I found out about Rozen Maiden and about Twin Spica. I did not have neither of them so i postponed the project and worked hard on a different vids. But finally almost before my Animatrix vid was finished I got those series, so right after "Mathematics is the language of Matrix" I could start work on this one. I decided I'll go mainly with still images animated by my effects so in the end (apart from intro/outro) only the first scene is animated scene and the rest are captured single frames. It's done in combination of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects and put together in Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Now i hope you enjoy watching this (since making this was really great doze of fun for me :] )

    Colourful crayons I wear in a box
    Colourful crayons are fond of me
    Colourful crayons, when I ask them,
    will portray whatever I want.

    They will draw a house or a cat on a fence
    And a merry sun for the overcasted days.
    When I fancy to go to space,
    a genuine rocket they will draw for me.

    When I am sorrouful, they comfort me.
    We sit by the table, them and I,
    They portay wonderfully, a monkey so hilarious,
    an elephant on a swing and a lion in the rocket.

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