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  • Member: OropherZero
  • Studio: amvience studios
  • Title: A Lifetime
  • Premiered: 2007-02-02
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    • Placebo Running Up That Hill
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  • Comments: After a year of not releasing anything, I decided to have my first go at creating an AMV in premiere based on the things I've learnt from all the MEP I participated in during 2006.

    Kanon 2006 was one of those few animes which actually grabs me with its beautiful character and most of all Kyoto Animation showing off its unparalled dominance in animation. The idea came to me as soon as I heard the song, so in that sense, it is a story-telling AMV. Even though I enjoyed Mai's arc more, the message of the song is really meant for a characterlike Makoto, the key words be "If I only could..." and "make a deal with god". Makoto wants to meet Yuuichi again, and will do anything in order to get that chance, including using her entire lifespan for a 'miracle' to happen. while Yuuichi is full of regret for putting a huge burden on Makoto like this and wonders if things could had been different had he not abandoned her years ago. Throughout the AMV there are various hints which show what Makoto really is, it's probably more appropriate to develop the AMV in such a way than to simply mask the two components together (or maybe I was too lazy or ran out of scenes =P).

    Since this is a essentially a character profile I tried to narrate it in such as a way that it shows Makoto in all stages of her short life:

    Fun/Child Like Makoto -> Softening up to Yuuichi -> Climax -> Starts to lose control of her current 'form' -> inevitable demise

    Because of this structure there was really no point to adding the 'hopeful' scene at the end of the AMV like the final scene of her arc in the anime, the song is tragic and reminiscent, not one full of hope.

    I didn't use any effects unless you count the addictive dissolve as one =| because in all honesty why would you use effects in a drama vid about a KyoAni anime? You'll do more harm than good if you try to play around with their art.

    The video is encoded in MP4/H264 because I used HD raws and don't want to kill the colours with Xvid. So you'll need a media player like VLC to play it ->

    Enjoy and leave an opinion if you can, I've been out of the editting scene for far too long, wondering if I even improved by at least 1% although I make AMVs not for the sake of making extremely good ones but for the fun of it, if making AMVs stop becoming fun then I lose incentive to continue editting.


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