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  • Member: Gepetto
  • Title: Naruto Will Defeat You
  • Premiered: 2006-04-13
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    • Smash Mouth Defeat You
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  • Comments: Here I have my 10th AMV. So, according to Sturgeon's Revelation, at least one of my videos is not crud (that one video, however, is not Vash the Stampede Went to Malta).

    THE IDEA: I wanted to make a video with a song I wouldn't normally use, and I wanted to make the best use I could of the basics. No AfterEffects. No twelve-layer composition. Even the Lightning Renderer in Premiere was deemed too complex for this video (not that it's ever useful).

    THE SONG: Defeat You, like most Smash Mouth songs, is pretty straightforward and kind of dancy. This isn't a dance video, by the way. I used to listen a lot to Smash Mouth when I was little. Undusting their Astro Lounge CD was a great way to meet my project goal and have a little nostalgia trip at the same time.

    THE ANIME: Since I wanted to keep it simple, I decided I'd make a list of what anime that I have can work with the song and then select the one from that list that offered more footage to choose from. Naruto. No hidden meaning, no subliminal messages. That was the choice method.

    >HARDWARE: Still using my old trusty Compaq notebook. 80GB Hard Drive (and I used Lagarith o.o), 768MB RAM (256 DDR plus 512 DDR2) 1.7 Ghz not overclocked.
    >SOFTWARE: OS is Windows XP Professional SP2. Software used was AviSynth 2.56, VirtualDubMod, Audacity 1.2.2, Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 and The GIMP for layer masks. The encode was a 2-Pass XviD made in VDM with the old XviD build from the AMVapp, and the audio was encoded with the LAME MP3 library in Audacity.

    ROLLING UP MY SLEEVES: The editing. I stuck to motion controls, opacity keys and preset transitions. The hardest piece of work was getting AviSynth to put all my different fansub/raw episodes into the same standard. It was the only task with a little bit more complexity, and I'm quite proud of my results. If you read that and freaked out, rest at ease. No subtitles appear on the video.

    THE END RESULT: Subjective "good" and "bad" apart, this is the first video in which I accomplished everything I put myself up to do. I managed to keep the video flowing smoothly with only the simplest effects, made some nonsensical two-verse lip-syncs along the way and, especially, I achieved the exact mood I had intended for when I decided to use this song and kept it so from title screen to credits. 100% of my goals were accomplished thus far, making this - "good" and "bad" apart - my favorite work thus far. Receptiveness is the final challenge. Time to upload and see how I fare.

    Naruto Will Defeat You, like all the others before it, was not submitted to any contest. This video was made as a birthday present, not as a contestant piece. I dedicate it to Abaka the Bearded Sage.

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