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  • Member: Vialana
  • Title: Reflection
  • Premiered: 2007-02-01
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    • Smashing Pumpkins Zero
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  • Comments: This AMV was probably the most fun to make. I don't know why, it just was. Getting clips was a pain though.

    Nothing really special about the AMV. Some spoilers for the anime, but there's not real plot spoilers, so I haven't categorised this so.
    This vid is Ichigo-centric (I will eventually get around to doing either a pairing, group or theme based Bleach vid, I swear). However, I like to think it's a little different to most vids starring our favourite temporary Shinigami. For one, a major focus is on Ichigo's relationship with his mother. The other focus is on Ichigo's inner turmoil due to inability to be the hero he so desperately wants to be, despite outward arguments against it. This of course means lots of HollowIchi. Yay!
    (It's 4am here ... please excuse moments of unplanned fannishness)
    Anyway, little bit of fighting, some Soul Society stuff, no shipping. Little bit of angst. Cool music. I think that's about all.



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