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  • Member: Vialana
  • Title: Consider This (v2)
  • Premiered: 2007-02-01
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    • Sprung Monkey Reluctant Man
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  • Comments: Okay, I've completely redone my first vid, Consider This.

    Those who've seen the first vid, this is a different vid with different clips and editing. There's a slight shift in focus as well from the first vid. It is a better made AMV than the original, cleaner and more polished.
    Those who haven't ... well, enjoy the vid anyway.

    The AMV is Ishida-centric, focusing on most of his major battles throughout the anime series. Most of the first half of the vid is material I used for the first AMV, though the way I've edited it, I've tried to change the feeling of the piece. From there it delves into Ishida's battles during the Soul Society Arc. It's not all action, despite the category, but there is more than the first vid.
    A lot of the focus of the second half is on Ishida's obsession with his Quincy heritage.
    I have used clips from episodes 110-112 of the anime, so the spoiler warning is in full effect. Considering the nature of the song and the last few lines I really thought the clips I used were appropriate. I had been wanting to redo this AMV since I saw 110, so this version could be seen as the true original idea I had for "Consider This".

    Anyway, enough rambling. Enjoy.


    ADD: I've remastered the video so that the footage is of better quality and is now available in avi format instead of wmv. On top of that the file size hasn't changed much.

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