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  • Member: $haft 2.0
  • Studio: Surface Dreams Studio
  • Title: Rocky Balboa: The Return 0f The King
  • Premiered: 2007-01-31
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    • Rocky Balboa Trailer Rocky Balboa Audio Trailer
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  • Comments: The return of the king is my first trailer thus to be sympathetic. ;)

    Why to have chosen Rocky Balboa?

    Because after having seen this 6th chapter, I had really wanted to do something of this astonishing movie.

    Moreover, I had already a small idea to make this trailer while using anime: Hajime No Ippo. In this history, I didn't associate the hero of anime (Makunouchi Ippo) with that of the movie (Rocky Balboa) because it had a too great difference in age with the context of the history of movie.

    This is why to be always located in the context of film (i.e. an opposition between a young champion, Mason Dixon and a former champion, Rocky Balboa), I chose that the hero would be Date Eiji (= Rocky Balboa) and his adversary wouldn't be other than Makunouchi Ippo. (=Mason Dixon)

    I hope that you will appreciate my first trailer while hoping to have many opinions of your share.

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