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  • Member: Inuwolf012
  • Title: Tifa's Got the Look
  • Premiered: 2007-01-05
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    • Roxette The Look
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  • Comments: This is one of my favorite videos that I've made of Final Fantasy. My all time favorite female character is Tifa, even though I haven't play FF 7 but I have seen Advent Children. I came up with this idea over the summar and I just barely finished it before I went off on a three day vacation to Maine. There is a Cloud/Tifa pairing impaled in the video. And I'll say this now, IF YOU ARE AGAINST THE CLOUD/TIFA PAIRING THEN PLZ DON'T LEAVE A COMMENT SAYING HOW MUCH YOU HATE IT. The one of the only reasons why I like Cloud with Tifa is because...AERITH IS FREAKING DEAD! I do expect Cloud/Aerith but only in the Kingdom Hearts world since she is alive. Anyways, some parts, mainly the fight scene parts, of FF7: AC are a little blocky. That is because I had to transform a avi. format video verson of FF7: AC into wmv. so I could put it on my pc and actually use it. Since I had to use a very old copy of Windows Movie Maker it didnt come out in the best quality, but I'm just happy I have FF7: AC so I'm fine with it.

    Oh, and all of the fanart that is in the video can be found at If you can't find it there then just do a google search and you'll find it.

    Well I'm done talking, ENJOY THE VIDEO!!!!

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