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  • Member: Funky-kun
  • Studio: Fastass MaaFackaz
  • Title: In a Trance
  • Premiered: 2007-01-20
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  • Song:
    • Madonna Impressive Instant
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  • Comments: Fourth Place in Trailer/Other Category, Best Technical @ Steel Editor 07 React
    Semifinalist in Best Dance Video @ VCA 08

    Some QCs :

    # 2007-05-06 00:44:33LOVE IT
    # 2007-05-01 10:08:31WOW amazing!
    # 2007-03-18 04:13:57trippy
    # 2007-03-13 21:19:10Effects! ^^ - SF Phoenix (Shovah)
    # 2007-03-13 13:09:11Very awesome, great editing!
    # 2007-03-10 05:32:41awesome!!!
    # 2007-03-02 10:31:13wow, amazing vid, 5/5 :)
    # 2007-05-24 11:56:09Sooo lovely!!

    Well this is my fourth AMV.The concept to make it came accidantely(after having trouble with my other project using NGE, i wanted to make use of the footage i had already collected) to me and actually i completed it pretty fast (1 week), but i am totally statisfied with the results.

    Used Software:
    Adobre Premiere Pro(editing)
    Adobe After Effects 7(effects, background)
    Virtual Dub Mod(compression)

    The concept of the video is partially to follow the lyrics of the sond, and partially to visualize these moments of the song, when all the sounds came at once and all the melodies mixed.I hope you like the style of the amv.The background rythm is represented by the flashing background in most parts of the vid.And in the actions scenes the pace is really fast and you really can't tell what's happening - well, i intentionally made it so, like it or not :P.Actually when i started the video i had a different idea about the ending (Kiss me, Kiss me...) but since i couldn't squeeze the whole fighting scene in, i decided to try and put footage taken from it at the end, and actually i think it became one of the best parts of the video.It is my first x264 encode(becouse DivX/XviD couldn't handle all the noise effects), and the size is a little big for its lenght, but the quality is good :)


    Madonna - Impressive Instant

    Universe is full of stars
    Nothing out there looks the same
    You're the one that I've been waiting for
    I don't even know your name

    I'm in a trance
    I'm in a trance

    Cosmic systems intertwine
    Astral bodies drip like wine
    All of nature ebbs and flows
    Comets shoot across the sky
    Can't explain the reasons why
    This is how creation goes

    I don't want nobody else
    All the others look the same the same
    Galaxies are sliding into view
    I don't even know your name

    I'm in a trance
    And the world is spinning
    Spinning baby out of control
    I'm in a trance
    I let the music take me
    Take me where my heart wants to go

    Kiss me
    (repeat 3 times)

    So, i think this is all, please leave an opinion if you liked the vid.

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