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  • Member: Keeper of Hellfire
  • Title: A Secret Love
  • Premiered: 2007-01-24
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    • Dune Who wants to live forever (66 radio remix)
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  • Comments: For a long time I had problems to understand Chloé's behavior towards Mireille. On one hand, she's jealous, she challenges and threatens her, and Mireille is her rival as well for Kirika's love as for being Noir. On the other hand she helps saving Mireille's life twice, follows Mireille to Corsica and asks her to be friends instead using this time to be toghether with (or at least close to) Kirika, she wishes to meet her again after the Noir ceremony and finally she seems to wonder about Kirika's reaction as Mireille appears at the manor and doesn't support Kirika until Mireille seems to win that fight. But than I found a satisfying explaination - it's an unconscious love, a love she isn't aware of because she admires Kirika that much and her strong desire to become Noir. During discussion at a Noir-Board a fellow member pointed out something funny - even the fork, that she admires and keeps like a treasure, while taken from Kirika, is Mireille's property. That's what this AMV is about - Chloé's "secret" love.

    The deinterlacing and cleaning was done with AVISynth and VirtualDubMod. The book-transition is taken from Prodad Adorage 2.5. Anything else (except final encode) was done with MoviePack 7, no graphics program or other compositing program involved.

    Because of some QCs I add something about the song choice. I did use this version from Dune instead of Queen because Verena's voice is much closer to Chloé than Freddie Mercury could ever be. And I did edit the song to fit my needs.

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