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  • Member: Atarashii Hito
  • Studio: Atarashii Hito Studios
  • Title: Kakumei^2
  • Premiered: 2003-01-28
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    • dj TAKA with NAOKI Kakumei
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  • Comments: Weee!
    This one was so much fun! And I'm actually being serious. I love this song. I love this anime. So naturally they had to come together. I'm getting this "timing" thing down, I think, someone will have to verify that, but at least now I think I do, which IS progress.
    Used the guides heavily on this one. MJPEG-codec-switching-with-.avs-file fun on this one through Premiere. All though Premiere started to scare me near the end of this one, crashing every 5min. and all, but I worked around that.
    Anyways, hope peoples enjoy this one, nice,short,fun.

    Titles at the beginning in Japanese are as follows: Atarashii Hito Studios, Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Adolescence Mokushiroku.

    Premiere 6.0

    My sanity
    Listerine Mint Strip cases that make a "snap" sound when you close/open them

    -MindWarp Entertainment Best Upbeat Video 2003 Fall/Winter AMV Contest!

    Hosting: Thanks to the generous and loving hosting of Anneke of Baka Deshi Productions, this video has a semi stable home, I think ^^; This video will be on weekley rotation on their site for awhile. Anyways go download, opinionate me! PLEASE!!!

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