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  • Member: bma_ksa
  • Studio: BMA Videos
  • Title: Your Eden
  • Premiered: 2003-01-10
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  • Song:
    • Sarah Brightman Eden
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  • Comments: Your Eden will take you back to FFX, which most of what you remember is the first scene of Tidus in the blitzball and Yuna sending the souls. These two incredible scenes were enough to me to start my project. I tried to concentrate on the two main characters and their great love story. The weird thing about this project is that it didn't took much time to create, of course it would be a lie if I say I ripped the game cuz unlike any other game, FFX CG can not be ripped. The game CG is played in a real time video, which need a machine to play it! "That's what I figure out when I look for help on how to get the FFX video ripped" but thanks to my PS2 and my Asus AGP Delux combo card, which I used to capture the game CG. The card delivers a good quality video capture compared to its price. After I hooked everything I start the game with my previous saving data that "Thank God" I didn't delete. Went straight to Luca cinema hall and bought all the 50 video's. Then start to capture each video in one file. After that I start to edit and for some reason it's like copy and paste! This never happen to me, the only thing that took some time is the general sequences of the video, just adding some touches her and there and trying to create my own way of feeling the song and it's match for the video. I'd say the timing is ok and the video finally came out just fine.

    Thanks for spending the time reading this ^^

    NOTE : This GMV does NOT have Lip Sync , it was chicked by mistake ... ^P

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