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  • Member: Dalton6
  • Studio: Flaming Pie Productions
  • Title: Ouran Waltz
  • Premiered: 2007-01-20
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  • Song:
    • Chopin Grand Valse Brilliante
  • Anime:
  • Comments: anime: Ouran H.S. Host Club
    song: Grand Valse Brillliante
    composer: Chopin

    No lyrics. No spoilers. No blood. No subtitles. I know, I know - I was looking forward to the blood, too.

    Several things prompted me to create this video. Recently I discovered that a friend had been secretly tinkering with amv creation, and her decision to share her completed projects urged me to get back to work on mine. The primary prompt for this video was born from an attempt to find an AMV for Ouran that did not portray one character's profile, flesh out a romance, or display the plot line (and spoilers). I wanted an AMV that showed the host club's comic insanity in Ouran's high-class, romantic setting. I wanted an AMV that gave people an example of the anime without giving out key story points. A sample, a flavor, a nibble, a taste. That's all. Not finding exactly what I wanted, I took on a project with that idea as my basic goal.

    Unfortunately, being but a nibble, the AMV called for a reduction in the length of the song I wanted to use. Poor Chopin must be rolling in his grave over the chopping I did to his composition, but the 4 minute + song needed to get down to the 2 minute + version that I ended up with. Ouran, being the classy joint it is, deserved an equally classy song, and so I chose an instrumental piece. I chose a piano instrumental because of Tamaki's penchant for piano playing, and a Chopin piano instrumental because I love Chopin. ^_^ I wanted to name this video "Tamaki's 1st movement in F sharp" but decided against it. Good thing, huh?

    There is one thing that I did not obsess over in this project and that was picture quality. Though great video quality is something I'm ever trying to improve as wobble my way through this learning process, absolutely perfect video quality wasn't the goal of this amv. If anyone cares to comment on the quality of this video, know that I am aware of it but still welcome any helpful advice.

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