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  • Member: BlaCk_PeArL_27
  • Title: AMV Another you
  • Premiered: 2007-01-07
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    • *=Cascada=* Another YOU
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  • Comments: I made this AMV on 01-17-06 (ended 01-18-07 @ 6:07pm P.T.) and it's for someone special to me though this is my first shot. I know that I'm not very gud I use mp3 song and the video clips Onegai Teacher mp4. I really thanks for those who help me in this clips.

    This is mainly made from Window Movie Maker and VitualDub also I use this in my 3rd program but I didn't like the effects so much. All I say it's WMM all in all. The source clips is mp4 and I got a huge trouble of this before I got this far and I can say this is my Best Made ever work =P I know someone will leave the QC's (quick comment) for my video but please don't be so mean or harsh to say about it. I'm human being that can I feel and very emotional. If you can also give me some opinion in my video I'm very glad to hear it.

    If your a youtube user plz. DO NOT ADD this in that site. I'm going to upload this AMV and also DO NOT cut the title/credits in my video though I know what is mine.

    *===> Disclaimer:

    I don't own Onegai Teacher and nor do I have any rights to it. All credit goes to its proper animators/writers/directors. I also do not own Cascada - Another YOU nor do I own any rights to any of their stuff. This was purely fan made and was no way intending to copyright infringe upon anyone.

    Following THANK YOU for:


    and to others ^_^ I forgot their names. Those people are really help me in Forum.
    You can send me Private Message about what do you think to my video or even to discuss the bad side of MY AMV. Thank you for watching I do appreciate your time (=^.^=) Domo arigatou gosai mas!

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