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  • Member: WC Annihilus
  • Title: Introspection
  • Premiered: 2007-01-16
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    • Vast Lost
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  • Comments: Note: If you can, I highly recommend watching the indirect .mp4 rather than the local mpg due to quality and resolution issues

    All right, well this is my first AMV and first experience in video editing in general. I made this video when I was completely naive so it has several of the most basic mistakes (ie: subtitles, quality, long scenes).

    Anyways, this is mainly about Tsukasa looking back on his encounters with Tsubaru with some smatterings of the general "Where am I? Who am I?". My original intention was to have it about Tsukasa looking back at things in general, but then I thought that premise didn't quite fit with the lyrics of the music so I decided to change it up. In retrospect, that may not have been the greatest idea If (more likely when) I choose to remake this video, I may go back to the original idea and maybe choose different music so that it would suit the lyrics better. I really do like the general music of Lost though.

    It has a pretty mellow feel and is much less active than most AMVs, definitely a mood style thing... Now, watching others on this site, it truly seems pretty simplistic, but my artistic sense has never been that great.

    I recently changed the resolution (to what I now know is a very strange aspect ratio ) (I can't believe I never thought of changing the project properties), did some minor cleaning, and encoded into mp4, so now there's an indirect link to it (megaupload).

    Here are the lyrics even though it doesn't follow them really besides the lost theme:
    There's no angels here
    Just a sun to light the way
    To places where my friends
    turn to strangers

    Ooh my lover
    On a long long empty road
    Ooh sweet lover
    I got lost

    There's no angels here
    Just a light to lead the way
    There's no innocence
    Only strangers

    Ooh my lover
    On a long long empty road
    Ooh sweet lover
    I got lost
    and I need to get back home

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