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  • Member: Greek Prince
  • Studio: Surface Dreams Studio
  • Title: Broken Wings
  • Premiered: 2007-01-17
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    • Amy Lee And Seether Broken
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  • Comments: Broken Wings Is a Hitsugaya Tribute, I got the name partly from the song, and another part because of Hitsugayas bankai, I thought it would make more sense when Hitsugays wings were broken when he fought Aizen.

    Story line.

    The video starts off with Hinamori opening her eyes briefly then closing them straight afterwards, now the video goes into the flashback.

    Hitsugaya is standing over Hinamori because he cares about her so much, they were friends before they became death gods and are very close. I show in the beginning their relationship as well as Hinamoris effection for Aizen. I manipulated a few scenes because of the lack of clips for Hitsugaya and Hinamori I wanted them to seem even closer so I quite a few scenes I had to take out Hitsugayas lieutenant. The main story is followed, Hitsugaya hears Aizen and Ichimarus plot and goes to warn Hinamori to stay away from Aizen and Ichimaru.

    Not believing what Hitsugaya said could be true she runs off to Aizen and he assures everything will be ok. The next morning, Aizen is found dead and Hinamori takes out her frustration on Ichimaru knowing what Hitsugaya said was true and ends up fighting Kira Ichimarus lieutenant. Hitsugaya notices Hinamoris spirit power rising and rushes to save her making it just in time. Now Hitsugaya tells Hinamori to step aside as he builds his spirit power to take on Ichimaru and Kira. While Ichimaru and Hitsugaya prepare to fight Hinamori gets out of the way and heads towards Aizen. Ichimaru and Hitsugaya start fighting and it seems as though Hitsugaya has the upper hand so I manipulate the story again and made ichimaru use his Shikai on Hitsugaya, Hitsugaya easily avoids it and releases his own Shikai killing Kira instantly, then while Ichimaru is distracted Hitsugaya catches Ichimaru by surprise and kills him.

    Hitsugaya notices Hinamori has left and rushes to try and save her, meanwhile Hinamori finds Aizen alive but to her surpise Aizen stabs her almost killing her, Hitsugaya enters to see Hinamori lying in a pool of blood, no time for questions he releases his bankai in an attempt to kill Aizen but sadly loses the battle, and loses his life.

    The flashback is over, Hinamori opens her eyes remembering why she is wounded in bed then looks over to see that the Hitsugaya standing over her was only an illusion...

    Special thanks to beta testers Godsmack, Dark_angel19 and Sierra Lorna

    Technical points:

    Length: 4:31
    Size: 91.6 MB
    Video Codec: Xvid
    Audio Codec: Lame MP3
    Resolution: 512x384

    Programs used:

    Adobe Photoshop 7.0
    Sony Vegas

    If you would like a link to the video please PM me or download the torrent

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