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  • Member: SSJVegita0609
  • Title: Vampires, Psychos, and Those Who Hunt Them
  • Premiered: 2003-01-09
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    • Static-X Cold
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  • Comments: Well, another concept from the West turned anime. The vampire is one of the true classic horror creatures. From the stories of Dracula to the Blade comics, they've somewhat taken the world by storm. So here I am trying to think of a new video idea, in kind of a pissy mood because of midterms, and what should I think of? A trippy, gorey, violent video about vampires and the like. If you buy into the action/horror anime genre then this is basically for you. The video has no one specific meaning or deep emotion, it was just made for someone looking for a few thrills and chills. I hope you enjoy.

    HUGE thanks to pwolf for the hosting =D

    Note: You need the newest version of DivX (5.0.2) to view this correctly.

    *Winner in AG contest: Best N00b horror

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