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  • Members (5): Brad, Ileia, Koopiskeva, Nessephanie, trythil
  • Title: ROS5 - The Search for 4
  • Premiered: 2007-01-15
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  • Songs:
    • Arovane Cry Osaka Cry
    • Waldo's People Rock the World
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  • Comments: So here's the story.

    Ileia decides to show up randomly out of the blue at mine (AtomX) and Jay's (Koopiskeva) apartment. It went a little something like this:

    Ileia: Hey guys. Poker?
    Jay: What the hell?! Grace!! Ileia is here!
    Grace: NO WAY!!!
    Ileia: Uuuh.. Dewelopers?
    Brad: *wakes up* What?
    Grace: *yuri's*
    Jay: What the hell are you doing here?
    Ileia: ............. Dewelopers.

    Pretty much. Then we got David (Trythil) up here to join in on the inevitable shenanigans. So on Friday night, we headed out to see a show (Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton at Lakeshore Theater, to be exact), and it was sold out.. Sadness. So, being the nerds we are, we thought "Hey... we've got nothing else better to do, lets make a video." And of course we couldn't exactly leave out Liz (Nessephanie), so she joined us via ze intarweb. And yeah, I picked out a fun song for everybody, cut it up, and we all picked different sources and let the mayhem ensue. So here you go!

    It's ROS5 - The Search for 4

    Song: Waldo's People - Rock The World

    Track 1 - Koopiskeva
    Sources: Angelic Layer, BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad, Full Metal Panic, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Perfect Blue, REC, School Rumble

    Track 2 - Trythil
    Source: Brave Story

    Track 3 - AtomX
    Source: Amazing Nuts!

    Track 4 - Ileia
    Source: Mai-HiME

    Track 5 - Nessephanie
    Sources: Air, Ah My Goddess (Movie), Bleach, Chrono Crusade

    End Credits Song: Arovane - Cry Osaka Cry

    Time spent: A few days.
    Editing Programs: Adobe Premiere 6.5, Adobe After Effects 6.5 (Windows) & 7.0 (Mac), Final Cut Pro, Magix Movie Maker 11, Particle Illusion, Blender

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