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  • Member: BlackMagicianGirl
  • Studio: Nekowabaka Productions
  • Title: Ordinary World
  • Premiered: 2007-04-21
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  • Song:
    • Aurora Ordinary World
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  • Comments: 1. Please provide a brief outline of how you created your video, including how long it took to create your video from start to finish, what programs you used to create and edit your video, and how you decided what footage to select for your video.
    It took me first about 2 weeks to find all the raw footage necessary for my video. After finding the episodes that I wanted to use, I sat down with my lyrics and mapped out which clips I wanted to use for each section like a storyboard. Unfortunately my husband's computer had a lot of problems with Adobe Premiere, and mine is completely dead, so I had to use Window's Movie Maker, and was not able to get a lot of the features that I enjoy working with with premiere. Most of my original idea needed to be scrapped due to the limitations of WMM and I had to pick out whichever sequences seemed to fit what I wanted for the song.

    2. What is your video concept?
    Sakura and Syaoran in TRC are best friends who have more to say to each other. An incident occurs that leaves Sakura memory-less and she can't remember Syaoran at all due to those circumstance. I've recently lost a good friend of mine through stupidity, and this was a video created mostly for him, because I'm hoping that he'll actually understand it once he sees it.

    3. What are you hoping to achieve?
    I think I achieved what I wanted to achieve with this video, now all I want to do is see if other people can relate to it and feel the pull between the two main characters of the series the way I that I feel a pull towards them.

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