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  • Member: Ethereal S
  • Title: Manifest Destiny
  • Premiered: 2007-01-13
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    • MW Wail Of Soul
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  • Comments: Here is the first tribute to one of my most favorite RPG game ever. The video features both gameplay and FMV. The artists of the song, MW, is actually "Katakiri Rekka" and "Shimotsuki Haruka" the names may be familiar if you have high otaku's level lolj/k

    Now, time for the rant if anyone cares to read,

    VP2 combo mechanism can be unreliable due to the random attack lagging.

    I thought the gameplay recording was dead tiring, but the editing part took me 15+ hours even though I planned the many things ahead already. =.=;

    Alicia looks like a retard when she talk while smiling in most FMVs, It's also hard to find her non-Moe facial expression!

    There are only a few real Silmeria's appearances in ALL FMVs... WTH!? isn't this game called VP2: "Silmeria"?


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