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  • Member: Inuwolf012
  • Title: DBZ Couples In Love
  • Premiered: 2006-12-19
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    • Counting Crows Accidentally in Love
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  • Comments: I finally upload something that isn't a parody. This was a great hit on Youtube before I stopped uploading onto it. I think it got above 20,000 views. Anyways, yes its about Dragon Ball Z. Yes, it's a slideshow since there is hardly any romance in DBZ. Yes, these are all of my favorite couples. And no, there isn't any Krillin/18 in here. The only reason for that is I got so damn bored of looking up pictures that I just decided to use the ones I had and create the video. I probably would have put them in if I hadn't gotten bored though. Anyways, most of the fanart can be found at at I only take credit for making the video. So I don't take ANY CREDIT of making the pics.

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