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  • Member: jade_eyed_angel
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: Satellite
  • Premiered: 2007-01-10
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    • Westlife On My Shoulder
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    Forum Thread! ^^

    Hmmm.. there was like stuff i wanted to say here... but i don't really know what to say now.. cause i don't remember what half the stuff was, and don't really know what to say first of the other stuff? yea... ^^; lol

    this was originally my segment in the AMV Holiday Special mep run by the sexy Katie... and then I made it into a full vid because I kinda got carried away... cause i kinda do that.... first vid i've finished in a while though lol.. and no, this is not an xmas vid... anymore... ^^

    And this is also my first vid for AuN Studios... so that's cool... or something.. so deshi made me re-edit parts of it.. cause he.. does that? O: lol

    Well don't really know what else to say, it's just a nice simple pretty vid thing.. mostly about Az, but i threw chrno and rosette in cause they're hot . =]

    oh and i'm making a project conspiracy of this with batto, josh, and scob... cause they're hot too... xD

    oookkk i'll stop saying random shit now.. i spent like a good 2-3 days (and nights ^^;) filtering this.. and then compressing it.. i had to filter it in pieces cause it's... ghey? i had to filter this in 8 parts and then stick them back together (thank you marky for the scripting help =P) and then i made a sexy mp4.. and there's an avi too cause i can like... have direct files now... xD

    Ok to view the sexy mp4... get either
    1) VLC player
    or 2) CCCP (much better choice!)

    If you have issues with my sexy mp4 then go get the direct avi file, which is XVID and... almost twice as big as the mp4... well your loss =P lol

    well.. dunno what else to say... so i'll like.. thank my betarersssss XD
    thank you!!! now who did i send this crap to.... i think my original main beta peoples were.... josh and mark (looveee you whoresss!!!) and then thanks to deshi for making me work my ass off and mask stuff =] and then of couse my other sexy beta peoples... scob and katie and jenna and batto and viper and uh... you know what, like 2/3 of my aim bl... sorry really can't remember.. this vid's been on my comp for over a month so yea.. ^^; but thankies to buma for alll the filtering... examples... thingies.. yea... i lub you buma... lol
    and yea... thanks kewp for the name.... i'd find a list of odd names suggested by kewp but.. too lazy... haha

    anyways.. spoilers... kinda.. ish... depends... ^^;
    story... i hope you'll get it.. it's mainly just about being there for each other.. and stuff..

    so yea, i hope you enjoy the vid =]
    please leave some opinons! =]

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