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  • Member: Vialana
  • Title: Consider This
  • Premiered: 2007-01-09
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    • Sprung Monkey Reluctant Man
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  • Comments: I made this vid in about 4-5 hours in Windows Movie Maker.

    I'm still a newbie, but all things considered this vid turned out so much better than I expected.
    There's no effects, I wanted to start with something simple. I think the timing is probably one of the stronger aspects of the vid. No lip-synching or anything and some of the cuttings are a little rough (I won't point out which ones because then they'll become blaringly obvious). Overall though I think I managed to fit the clips to the song effectively which was my first intention, so yay for achieving that.

    On the content:
    I used eps 11-14 for the clips (as most of you will probably recognise). Initially this was going to be a Yzak/Dearka GS vid, but the song fit Ishida better. I was going to bring in other characters once I started developing the Bleach idea before realising how complex it would end up being and going against that idea. This turned out better than a huge cast idea anyway.
    Take whatever subtext (or text if you'd like) from the vid you want. The vid is essentially focused on Ishida with Ichigo bringing in depth to the song and scenario. Viewers can read into their relationship as something more than friends if they wish, the ambiguity is intentional. I hope non-yaoi fans enjoy this as much as yaoi ones do.

    Comments and criticism are welcome and much appreciated though not necessary if you're feeling lazy.


    Additional Comments: 2 Feb, 07

    Okay, so, I've decided to remaster and reupload this.
    You'll be able to find the new version on my profile.


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