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  • Member: Keeper of Hellfire
  • Title: Flash Amamori
  • Premiered: 2007-01-08
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    • Queen Flash Gordon Theme
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  • Comments: This video uses "Flash's Theme" from the Flash Gordon OST. Who knows this soundtrack knows that, unlike nowadays, where you get a clean studio recording, the soundtrack was cut out of the movie. So you have all the dialogues, noises and so on in it. It was a little challenge to match it with the footage. You may wonder why it's classified parody and drama. Matching the characters from the Queen Millenia movie with the Flash Gordon characters makes it a parody, and it is meant this way. But the way the Queen Millenia Movie goes it is dramatic either, and I did follow the story arc. The action is moderate, don't expect too much.

    This AMV is the extension of my track for the Freddie Mercury MEP. The MEP I have put on Ice because too many editors dropped out. I haven't decided yet if I will let it rest in peace or try to resurrect it.

    The AMV was made with MoviePack 7. AviSynth 2.56 did a good job in filtering. The source I had to use was really crappy. Jagged edges, horribly blurred, and, and, and... As I ordered the DVD at ebay the description and the price pretended it to be an original Japanese DVD, but it was a LQ bootleg. :(

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