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  • Member: Phantasmagoriat
  • Studio: Phantasmagoriat Productions
  • Title: Don't Blink Astro
  • Premiered: 2007-01-06
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    • Big Giant Circles Bionic Electronica OC remix
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    First off, don't let the word 'electronica' scare you away; I know nothing of the genre as displayed by my previous song selections... but really, it just fit the video so well. Give it a try.

    For now, all you need to know is it's Astroboy [1980s?] set to an overclocked remix of the old[?] video game Bionic Commando... there's not much to say about the video itself except that the pace is intentionally set quite fast.

    This is my first time using a dvd source, and learning avisynth scripst etc... I may have gotten a little too ambitious with trying to clean up such an old anime for my first time, but I'd say it turned out pretty good. Just like my previous amv, there's a fancy intro, this time using a picture/logo of Astroboy, and I wouldn't mind hearing stuff about it; I probably spent too much time on this, but it was totally worth it.

    On other notes, this is my first AMV edited entirely in MAGIX MEP10 since my last was a remake of a wmm. At first it was just an exercise to practice/experiment with different methods, so I could learn the program better, [... for the hell of it, I even chose a song completely different from my others] but then I just kept adding, and adding to it until it was done, and here it is.

    Thanks to Big Giant Circles for letting me use his song ;)

    VGMA 2 - Second Place (uses video game music)
    All-Con 2007 - Best Action

    -March08- This is my first animated gif:

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