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  • Member: Anjira
  • Title: Le Paradis Noir de Lucy
  • Premiered: 2007-01-04
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    • Marie Laforet Marie Douceur, Marie Colère (Paint it black)
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  • Comments: *This video does contain blood, acts of violence, and brief, non-sexual nudity, so if you do not want to see that, then please, do not watch.*

    Well, after several months of stuggling, learning, and studying various editing techniques, I have finally completed my first amv that I found to be worthy to be posted on the org; (I have made amvs in the past, but they haven't been all that great). However, with the creation of Le Paradis Noir de Lucy, (Lucy's Black Paradise), I have discovered what it truely means to make an amv.

    Anyways, enough with that dribble and let's get onto the theme of this particular amv.

    The focus is, of course, around Lucy herself, due to the title that I had given this piece. This, however, is not a mere character profile. Throughout this amv, I have tried to protray the various emotions found in human beings through the eyes of a Diclonius. I have m own personal reasons for putting the scenes together as I did, but I'd rather not spell everything out here; I'm going to let the viewer be the judge and try to feel what I was going for.

    Ultimately, through the memories found in Lucy's mind, she is truely encased in a black paradise, but maybe that is the best for her. Maybe she was never meant to shine in the sunlight, and was never meant to fall for Kouta. And was all just a dream...

    Technically speaking, this was my first trial with Vegas, so I dunno how well I did. And, sorry that it had to be saved in WMM; I did have it save in AVI, but it was far too large, and I dun know much about conversion yet.

    Song wise, I had originally heard Marie Laforet's version of Paint it Black in...ironically...Ricky Bobby, and it immediately clicked in my mind that i had to create an amv centered around it. It's such a dark song, and the french version offers more of an exotic, unknown atmosphere to the already stunning piece done originally by the Rolling Stones.

    Anyways, I hope that you enjoy this little amv of mine, and please, comment/leave opinions if you wish; they are greatly appreciated!

    Here are the lyrics:

    Marie douceur, Marie colère
    Laforêt Marie
    Marie douceur c'est ainsi que tu me surnommes
    Tu crois bien sûr me connaître mieux que personne
    Marie colère existe aussi fais bien attention
    Je te l'ai déjà dit cent mille fois sur tous les tons

    Marie douceur a beaucoup beaucoup de patience
    Oui mais un jour tu verras entrer dans la danse
    Marie colère avec des éclairs dans les yeux
    Je sais lequel aura le plus peur de nous deux

    Marie douceur est avec toi bien trop gentille
    Si tu persistes à regarder les autres filles
    Marie colère ne sera plus du tout d'accord
    Et sautera sur toi toutes griffes dehors

    Marie douceur aime bien chanter des ballades
    Mais ne t'y fies pas trop un bon conseil prends garde
    Marie colère adore les éclats de voix
    Alors choisis entre les autres filles et moi

    Marie douceur c'est ainsi que tu me surnommes
    Tu crois bien sûr me connaître mieux que personne
    Marie colère est maintenant là devant toi
    Marie douceur n'est plus qu'un souvenir déjà

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