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  • Title: The Cat and the Butterfly: Season 2
  • Premiered: 2003-01-05
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    • DDR 3rd Mix Butterfly
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  • Comments: Yes that's right! The "hit" slideshow that everyone viewed is NOW an AMV! With lots of lipsyncing, funny poses and emotions, I present to you the AMV I had the most fun making: "The Cat and the Butterfly: Season 2". If you didn't see the slideshow or read it's description then here's the history. .

    . . . It all started with software failure. . .
    Windows Movie Maker wasn't exporting things that I made in PRemiere correctly, so I grabbed a few pictures left over from my OUtlaw Star vid(Let's Do It!) and threw them in WMM with some 3 seconds of music that I randomly picted from my harddrive's collection. That music happened to be "Butterfly" from DDR 3rd Mix. And the pictures happened to all be Aisha ClanClan in funny poses! I couldn't help myself, so I threw all these pictures(and even got more) to the whole song to make a complete slideshow and was so happy with my no effort video that I threw it on the org. I also said that if the slideshow got enough views, I'd turn it into an AMV. So here it is! I've now decided to make an ongoing series of "Cat and Butterfly" videos, basing the next catgirl picked on votes aquired from my post in the "AMV Announcements" forum. If no one replies there, I'll just put it in the suggestions forum later, so if you can't find it in announcements, don't worry! I'll also allow suggestions fo the next neko in my PMs, as well as IMs, and email. Thanks in advance!

    Technical aspects: Well, really all I had to do was lip synch, and that at first took awhile. It was one of my first times lip syncing a whole video instead of just one line, and it turned out way better then I thought it'd be. There are two places that arn't completely in synch, and when I tried to fix them, the whole movie went haywire so I gave up. If you spot those two places put them in the op and give me a lower score. So sue me if two lip synced places miss a few syllables ;). Other than that, this is the video that I had the most fun making, and would love ot do it again with a different neko featured!

    Story Aspects: You'll find none here. There is absolutely no story whatsoever. I guess it's a character profile of Aisha ClanClan, but I wouldn't watch the video if you want it to be serious! This is just a funny video that I think most nayone would like. Even if you're not into outlaw star or catgirls. Although it would help if you liked catgirls =).

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