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  • Member: Delcatty
  • Title: MATH.AN.
  • Premiered: 2006-12-30
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    • DJ ElfOnTheTree Mathanium Exam
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  • Comments: It's how students pass the mathematical analysys exam ( in the university. The text is in Russian.

    Edward: Hello!
    Teacher: Hello!
    The hand on the record book. And repeat after me. "I'll tell you the truth and only the truth"
    Edward: repeats the teachers words
    Teacher: Take your question.
    Edward: Question no 9. Be on the line (he says this to a person who seats with the book in the other room, and in Russian it sounds like PRIEM. It's sounds like PRI NEM what means "the problem in it is...")
    Then teacher feels bored and begins answer questions. First of all he asks if anybody wants to answer. And there are some people who want.
    Teacher: Yo! Student, come on! What've you written here?
    Baka-neko: ehhh, the double integral!
    Teacher: Prove me Stoks formula!
    Baka-neko: What do you mean as Stoks formula?
    Teacher: Integrating of outer differential forms!
    Baka-neko: AAAAAAAAH!

    Teacher: So boring exam, all students use the same cribs... Let's go and ask anybody =)
    Yo! Student comeon!
    Girl: Ehat happened?
    Teacher: What have you written here?
    Girl: 8 X 8 Matrix.
    Teacher: Count the reverce matrix!
    Students: AAAAAAH!

    Teacher: And what's this?
    Girl: The replacement of variables.
    Theacher: And what's is ... ehm.... I can't translate it without dictionary =_=
    Student: Aaaaaah!

    Teacher: I came to ask you... But it's obvious that you don't know It's pity.

    Haruka: I don't like my grades! And I'll go to speak to the teacher.
    Yo! Teacher! Come on!
    Teacher: What?
    Haruka: What have you written here?
    Teacher: FAILED!
    Haruka: Give me my grades!
    Teacher: I don't have any grades.
    Haruka: I order you to give me my grades!
    Teacher: I don't have any grades.
    Haruka: And do you know who you are speaking to? I'm the best here!
    Teacher: Well, what is YOUR grades?
    Haruka: ehhhm, ... A!!!
    Teacher: AAAAAAAH!

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