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  • Member: Hagaren Viper
  • Studio: Hagaren Studios
  • Title: Still Here
  • Premiered: 2006-12-30
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    • Johnny Rzeznik I'm Still Here
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  • Comments: It's taken me forever to finish another AMV, but I've finally done it.

    Digimon Tamers! My favorite Digimon season (And my favorite anime right now, regardless of what my Favorite Anime List says in my profile). So after I re-watched the whole season, I figured it was time to AMV it. So I looked through my songs, and after a little while came up with the song "I'm Still Here". And it fit! Or at least I think so. So I gathered my footage and started planning.

    ........99 VirtualDub-converted clips and 45 GB later, my video was complete. *Whew!* I practically thought I would run out of room on my computer (I really need to clean that thing out). But luckily, I think it came out pretty well. There are some parts I wish I could have done more with, but I didn't want to kill the video (and my brain) trying to make that 'something more'. So I left those parts as is, and I'll think of something obvious that I could have done later :/

    Anyway, this AMV focuses on the main three Tamers and to a lesser extent, their Digimon , Takato an Guilmon, Rika/Ruki and Renamon, and Henry/Jenrya and Terriermon. Jeri and Ryo also make small apperances. Anyone else who appears is either a family member of one of the kids or Yamaki.

    I totally wish this song was 8 minutes. There so much in this series that I couldn't fit into this vid (I skipped almost all of the Digiworld) that I really wanted to, but there was just no place for anymore.

    Finally, I had no idea what Category this video should go in, hence 'Other'.

    Special thanks to Pinky75910, Erinn/Kazemon 15 and Ally aka Izumi!

    Also, thanks to Minion and CrackTheSky for helping me with various compression thingamajigs.

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