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  • Member: Tori-chan
  • Studio: Squirrel Production
  • Title: Who is this beautiful Lady?
  • Premiered: 2006-12-30
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  • Song:
    • Stare Dobre Małżeństwo Kim właściwie była ta piękna pani (Madame)
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  • Comments: It should be Michiru tribute... but it's not easy to tell the story of Michiru without telling about Haruka. So it's a video about how Haruka sees Michiru. It's only about two poeple who fall in love with each other, so you won't find there clips with them as Sailor Senshi.
    It's my first published AMV. I've made it useing WMM - unfortunately I don't have anything better, but I hope this will change soon. Clips come from different sources(important: I've also used other AMV just because it was my only source of necessery clips,but I cut end edited them by myself. Anyway, I hope noone will feel offended or abused with that fact), but the quality is mostly good.
    I've used a beautiful Polish song written by Edward Stachura. I've put a translation of the lyrics, it can be used as subtitles:
    0:00:35: Nobody knows the path of stars
    0:00:38: Who of us is the chosen one?
    0:00:41: Someone has knocked
    0:00:44: It's a guest of mine.
    0:00:50: I was roaming like a shadow
    0:00:53: I was waiting for the day
    0:00:56: And you are in the doorway
    0:00:59: Like a strange bird
    0:01:05: So please come in
    0:01:08: Take a seat here
    0:01:10: Make yourself at home.
    0:01:12: And tell me who are you Madame
    0:01:16: Or don't tell me
    0:01:19: We'd better say nothing
    0:01:22: We'd better say nothing
    0:01:28: So please come in
    0:01:31: Take a seat here Make yourself at home
    0:01:34: And tell me who are you Madame
    0:01:38: Or don't tell me
    0:01:42: We'd better say nothing
    0:01:44: We'd better say nothing
    0:01:51: Time is moving timidly
    0:01:54: I'd like to stop the time
    0:01:58: It's impossible
    0:02:00: Time must be rushing
    0:02:07: Far away a cock has crowed
    0:02:09: You put your demodee clothes on
    0:02:12: You're already standing in the doorway
    0:02:15: Like a strange bird
    0:02:21: And yet you have to go
    0:02:24: You give me over the threshold
    0:02:28: your fleeting smile Madame
    0:02:31: But I'll be waiting,so come
    0:02:35: Whenever you want, come
    0:02:38: We'll live together
    0:02:44: And yet you have to go
    0:02:48: You give me over the threshold
    0:02:51: your fleeting smile Madame
    0:02:55: But I'll be waiting,so come
    0:02:58: Whenever you want, come
    0:03:01: We'll live together
    0:03:06: I'll be waiting,so come
    0:03:09: Whenever you want, come
    0:03:12: We'll live together

    That's all, I hope you'll enjoy watching it. Comments would be great.
    Many thanks to alexos for helping in translation, supporting me and shearing the tram^-^

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