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  • Member: Xoninmuoshda
  • Studio: Blood Sugar Productions
  • Title: Fate
  • Premiered: 2006-12-29
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    • Fear Factory Digimortal
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  • Comments: If you have not seen this anime PLEASE read this short Plot Summary provided by

    In 1999, Shirō Kamui returns to Tokyo for the first time in six years to honour his mother's final wishes. It is here he will fufill his destiny, yet all he wants is for others to leave him alone. According to the yumemi Hinoto, Kamui alone has the power to decide the world's fate, which depends on whether the kekkai which exist in Tōkyō remain standing.

    Kamui must decide to either become a Dragon of Heaven (also known as the Seven Seals) and protect humanity from supernatural destruction or join the Dragons of Earth (also known as the Seven Angels) to destroy humanity so the Earth can be reborn. While Kamui couldn't care less about the world, he feels he must protect childhood friends Fūma and Kotori, Fūma's younger sister. However, his choice to become a Dragon of Heaven results in tragedy when Fūma is revealed to be Kamui’s “Twin Star”, destined to be Kamui’s opposite number no matter which side Kamui chooses.

    Kamui must reluctantly fulfill his destiny alongside his allies, the Dragons of Heaven, whose destinies are also ostensibly foreordained. They all soon learn the tragedy of loss and the painful price of victory. To save the world, Kamui must become certain of his resolve and of what he truly desires for himself, Fūma, and the world.

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    Please read comments before you download the video! Thanks :)

    First of all, it's been 2 1/2 years since my last solo video! I'm so excited to finally release this to everyone. When I first listened to the song i fell in love with the chorus. It a very nice melodic change to the rest of the song. The video was edited over the course of the last 2 months and I completed it after about 30 hours of editing. If you are a Fear Factory fan you should enjoy this video. If you aren't it may take you some time to get used to the music but i hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

    My approach to this video was to go for somewhat of a dramatic, action video. The way I wanted to edit this was to be as simple as possible. As you start watching the video the pre chorus has alot of drumming going on.. mainly during this whole song the drums are the main source of where I tried to time the scenes. Fear Factory does this alot with their gutiars being enhanced over the drums .. mainly with the double bass beats. So there are alot straight cuts and black flashes but of course are needed or else that part is kinda bleh. The viewer may get a little confused during this part but has plenty of time during the chorus to regroup his/her state of mind lol.

    For the verses I tried to go for simple editing but with a few effects. During the vocal distortions some effects i used were various blurs and bightness adjustments and what not. I think it turned out pretty good. It up to the viewer to decide if i pulled it off just right, though.

    As for all the choruses the editing is straight forward. Throughout the whole video the choruses were the simplest parts to edit. Mainly the music was arranged there was no need for any sort of effects. I just went for straight cuts and flow of the scenes. if you notice all the scenes have some sort of motion or some fighting involveing sword clashes and explosions. I timed the music to the anime.. not white and black flashes. So basically to make it short.. the chorus was edited the way it was to go for the best flow that it could acheive.

    As for the bridge (right after the 2nd chorus and before the 3rd chorus) i did the same kind of editing as the very beginning mostly excluding the black flashes. Instead i included brightness and contrast adjustments to replace the black flashing. And also you notice the noise and blur effects I used to kinda work with the Vocalist's screams. I think it worked well instead of doing the straight cuts with every bass and snare drum beat. It was a nice little change :).

    As for the last chorus.. where the pace is a little faster i just went for flow once again but i guess to try to add a little more i flashed scenes of pictures with Fuma, Kamui, and Kotori in them. It kinda is a rememberance thing while Fuma and Kamui fight.


    Software Used
    AMVApp (Provided me with everything needed before editing)
    Adobe Premiere 6.0 (Main editing)
    Adobe After Effects 7.0 (I used this for like 4 video filters cuz thats all i know how to use it for...)
    Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (Ending credits)
    VirtualDubMod (For compression and distribution)

    File Info:

    The Local Download that is available is DivX-5 compatible Xvid (.Avi) format.
    The Audio is compressed at 192 kbps
    The Resolution is 640x360 hence the large file size. I was debating whether i should make it smaller or not but this is for the best.


    The Direct link is a very high quality version of this video.
    Audio is 192 kbps
    Resolution is 640x352
    The codec used is x264 and you will need to use THIS PLAYER to play it. (Highly Recommended!)

    Well I will leave you all with this... Download and Enjoy it everybody! I had a blast making this and what a great way to end the year!! :)

    ... till next time

    p.s. I just did a search for this song and I have been the only one to use it in an AMV so far. Kinda cool I guess :)

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