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  • Member: monthenor
  • Title: R Dorothy - Unfeeling
  • Premiered: 2003-01-03
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    • Red Delicious Casualties
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  • Comments: Back when I made this video there were exactly 0 Big O vids on this site. There still aren't any Red Delicious. But I'm here to change all that.

    Red Delicious is a haunting mix of guitar and redhead, like Garbage without *any* hard/fast songs. They should be popular in their own right.

    Big O is a mix of Batman, Gundam, and Patlabor. It should be popular in its own right.

    But it doesn't matter, because my video is finally out, and it's a personal triumph for me no matter what kind of review I get. I hope it turns you on to either Red Delicious or Big O. I hope it makes you happy. Hell, I hope it brings about world peace. But I'll be satisfied if it communicates R Dorothy's desperate grasping for humanity and love.


    Source Footage: Big O DVD Vol. 1-4 (every episode except 7)
    Source Music: "Casualties" at high variable bitrate from Red Delicious' album "Emotional Blur".
    Time: 06' 13"
    Time to Create: Over a year. I didn't have Vol. 3 for a few months, and then came up...
    Time to Encode: About an hour.
    Pipeline: DVD Decrypter -> DVD2AVI -> Morgan MJPEG -> Premiere 6 -> TMPGEnc

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