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  • Member: phatyb0y
  • Title: Animassacre-Backfire (Ergo Proxy)
  • Premiered: 2006-12-15
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    • Animassacre Backfire
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    Animassacre unites the hard and the dark genres of electronic music like Gabber, Hard-Techno, EBM and Industrial. The name of the band itself is a word puzzle that speaks a few things about the band members (Diana, Dido & Simo) like the fact that they are all influenced by Japanese anime and manga. It also points the fact that the music is either brutal or dark. Animassacre have songs that could be categorized as industrial core and then some that can sound like pure speedcore... Mostly hybrids. This widespread taste of hard electronics is a result of different ideas, surges and tries to popularize the cyber culture in Bulgaria, which is "electronically dead". Even so, Animassacre will produce hardcore and other synthetic genres until the bitter end!

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