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  • Member: breeman
  • Studio: Cryptic Aura Studios
  • Title: The Circle Breaks
  • Premiered: 2006-12-15
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    • Hourglass The Circle Breaks
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  • Comments: *SPOILER ALERT* Don't watch this AMV or read the description unless you have watched Trigun. This AMV deals with the most serious moments of Trigun, as well as the ending, and past of the characters Vash and Knives. Do not ruin this amazing anime for yourself.

    This was a spur of the moment AMV idea, one of those ideas you know is just absolutely perfect the moment it pops into your head. I had been watching the Trigun DVDs my friend Zach let me borrow, and Tonofyr had recently introduced me to Hourglass. And the moment I heard "The Circle Breaks" I just knew it would be perfect. I noticed it was over 6 minutes long, so I just cut off a tiny bit from the intro, which is un-noticable since the intro leads up to the real start of the song. Anyways, I ended up ripping all the Trigun DVDs (all 8 volumes, which took up almost 40gb of hard drive space) and decided I'd finally try to edit the raw DVD footage without compressing it first (going for maximum quality). I hadn't been able to do this before because Ulead Media Studio 8.0 would not read .avs scripts. But then I came across this lovely program (which I actually spent money on) called Link2. It turned all those nastly little .avs scripts into tiny .avi files which loaded perfectly into Ulead Media Studio 8.0. Voila, I had perfect quality raw footage at my editing fingertips.

    So I knew the entire story I was going to use the moment I heard the song. It had to be serious, and it had to be about Vash, and his feelings for Rem and Knives. No comedy in this AMV, I avoided Vash's comedic personality at all costs (except his playfullness around Rem). No dancing Vash in this AMV... no way in hell.

    The story is very deep, and displays Vash's love and sorrow for Rem, and his hatred and compassion for his brother Knives. This video is about Vash's past and about his ways of showing his emotions. The end is about Vash's way of dealing with Knives, and about the hard choices he must make in order to protect himself, his friends, and his brother. The lyrics of the song strongly describe Vash's emotions, and in great detail show the hardships Vash has overcome, and what he is willing do to transcend.

    A man walks down a beaten path
    his hands are worn and cracked
    haunted by the images of his past
    there's nothing left but to look back

    Standing incomplete and alone
    her leaves will fall no more
    with all the things that she's been shown
    if only she had known before

    Chorus: As the circle breaks the trend
    good things must always end
    you will see that life lives for you
    and that you can transcend
    when you take the things you've found
    and stop to look around
    you will see it's not the end
    when the circle breaks the trend

    A soft wind blows and with it brings
    the scenes of days long past
    when leaves were green and branches strong
    those days went by so fast

    As he walks a path leads to
    an old friend he once knew
    in this holy place he used to play
    to wash all pain and fear away


    He stops to rest and catch his breath
    a leaf descends onto the ground
    he then looks up, he's taken back
    left in awe by what he's found

    A better thing they could not find
    as night proclaims the end of day
    as he leaves this world behind
    he's finally found the place he'll stay


    Brick Williams' (Hourglass guitarist) comments on the video:

    "First of all Jeff, wow, that is amazing and the time that you put in is
    obviously immense. I'm always appreciative to hear from fans of our
    music and it inspires me to keep going and working at Hourglass. The
    Anime was very cool and it did fit the lyrics quite well. Would it be OK
    if we put a link up to the video on our website? I'm sure many of our
    fans would appreciate it."

    Check out Hourglass for more of their music

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