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  • Member: MeriC
  • Studio: Temple O' Trunks
  • Title: Faded
  • Premiered: 2001-01-08
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  • Song:
    • Soul Decision Faded
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This was my very first Sailor Moon music video. :) I always disliked Mamoru. Thought he was a stupid pansy. So when Seiya came along in Sailor Stars and swept Usagi off her feet, I just couldn't get enough of it! I then made a quickie music video to the awkward relationship between Usagi and Seiya.

    The video basically revolves around Seiya's attempts to make Usagi his. There's really only one part in the video that I love: the music scene in the beginning of the Three Lights playing, and the trio moving to the music. I thought that was very spiffy editing/timing on my part. Ahh, how easily amused I was!

    Sadly, Sailor Stars fansubs were used in the creation of this video. Due to the bad video quality, and abundance of subtitles to work around, I didn't have much footage to work with. Therefore, I had to cut the song down to 1:15. :P

    All in all, this was just a fun video I made for my own amusement. For a much better attempt at this concept (ie: the Seiya/Usagi relationship) see Mirai MM's "Destiny Apart" video.

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