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  • Members: MeriC, VegettoEX
  • Studio: Temple O' Trunks
  • Title: Vogue
  • Premiered: 2000-11-12
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Madonna Vogue
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This was my very first collaborative music video, made with VegettoEX.

    I had just started my sophomore year in college when I made this video, and I just met Mike. Only two months after our meeting, we made our first video. While technically I did all the editing in this video, Mike helped greatly in finding footage to use. Basically, this was me teaching him about music videos, and how I made them.

    The video features those wacky DB peeps striking poses (more than one would normally think), dancing, and having all sorts of crazy fun! A good portion of this video is actually timed, but halfway though it, we sorta ran out of ideas/footage and just started using random shots. ;_;

    Despite the visual roughness of this video (I mean in terms of clip usage, not visual quality), this would be the video to start a long-lasting relationship of collaborative videos between me and Mike.

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