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  • Member: MathJuice
  • Title: The Hinoki Tribute
  • Premiered: 2006-12-14
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    • Alizee L'Alize
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  • Comments: I've searched through this site for a while now and there is a surprisingly lack of AMVs of the Betterman anime. =P So I thought this will do.

    This is a tribute to Hinoki, one of the more important characters of the anime. It shows more or less some hard times after the loss of her family. Keitaro may pop up some times as well. ^^

    Being the first AMV i've ever made I think the result went pretty ok. Some minor faults maybe, but it's still the first attempt.

    And sry for the subs. I don't like it either, but still can't do anything about it no matter what. Not easy find an unsubbed version on the net nowadays. =P

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