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  • Member: Bauzi
  • Studio: [LGS] Lazy Generation Studios
  • Title: Condemn what we donīt understand
  • Premiered: 2006-12-14
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    • Slipknot Eyeless
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  • Comments: Once again... Bauzi made an AMV so here are some notes about the amv and the editing that he wrote:

    .:The technical notes (how do I play this damn amv?):.
    Donīt worry it is quite easy to playback. Now there is only the high quality version up in 720x576 in h264, so if you canīt playback the amv, because it is too slow or whatever than let me say "Ooops!".
    I have 3,4 Ghz at home so I donīt need to worry about such things, but there will be a XviD version in the next weeks on a webspace or slower CPUs, but I recommend this high quality version. Or just contact me and I will uplaod it for you (let me say: maybe).
    If you have codec problems... There are some ways to play x264:
    -You can get the CCCP (this is a codec pack)
    -Or the VLC-Player (highly recommended!)
    These things donīt have a big filesize, so there shouldnīt be any problems with your internet bandwith. If you can download this amv, you can also donwload VLC or CCCP...

    .:Other technical notes (which programs where used for this amv?):.
    -Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
    -Sony Vegas 6.0d (for a part in the middle, the rest was made in Premiere)
    -FXhome Effects Lab Pro Trial (really nice programm for effects and really not too expensive)
    -Adobe Photoshop CS

    .:History of the amv:.
    Uhm... how did I started this time? I think it was a few weeks or days after "[:Un/real]" was finished and published. All I know is that Iīm not pleased with my Connichi06 entry "Type of Negative", because it wasnīt dark and gloomy enought for my taste. Also after watching NGE I felt like: "Man... this Ayato form the anime Rahxephon is only a piece of the insanity of this Shinji, or not?".
    I watched threw the best character profil about Ayato and there was the famous amv "Olin" made by Dranged Kreationz (I higly recommend it!), but I was annoyed again... and I tought, that it is time to make the best and most intensive character profil out there in the .org containing more insanity of Ayato than the series can give to you and I personaly think that I have done this right ;D
    I think that I have done my best character profil ever and also the kind of amv I always wanted to create. Ayato kicks Shinjiīs ass!!!
    Ok I had the source (fine DVDs for 720x576 final output *yummy*!), but wich song to use? It had to be mad, aggressive and of course: insane. Normally I would think about Deftones, but theire newest album wasnīt already out so i took Slipknot. I searched for some songs and found the song„Eyeless“. The music and beats where pretty good for my plans and also the lyrics fit very good so I took the song...
    It was also too intensive so Iīve cutted it down. If I wouldnīt do this, I would run out of footage or you where simply bored as me from this song :/
    The name comes out of a french proverb and means that Ayato condemn what he canīt understand about life and so on. I think that this fits him very good, because in the last few episodes he condemn a few things for the wrong reasons and also goes wrong ways because of it.

    .:The edititng in detail (what comes up to you):.
    Faster, harder, more stranger effects that (I hope so) you have never seen in amvs before, blurs, a bit lip sync, a hard killer beat... So if you have seen my past two amvs, you can maybe imagine what is comeing up to you. There is more aggression, more speed and more effects. Also I created an new (well for me never seen before) used filter mix that I call "Line-layer". I think that this effect will come up in my next amvs also, but with more play and better composition. I would call this amv, a very intensive and psychotic character profil of Ayato. I like it very much and will you too?

    .:The special THX - parade:.
    To the beta testers Crack the Sky[(and for his good Rahxephon trilogie and good character profiles) ,Orwell (theyīve tested my betas) and The_Patientfor helping me to translate some japanese words. Also my good old partner and best friend Mac for getting the Effects Lab Pro Trial and to for still supporting our website project amv-arts for the austrian amv community.
    Also Andrea Lettieri for letting me use her wallpaper for the final credits. Please visit her site to see some really beautiful stuff and contact her before using any of her work in media (thx!). I love all of your works (or Iīve only seen the good stuff XD; well I donīt think so ;P ). Andy I hope you like this amv =)
    Thank you all for support!

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