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  • Member: Kacfrog711
  • Studio: killer-frog productions
  • Title: What's Left
  • Premiered: 2006-07-05
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    • Nick Lachey what's left of me
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  • Comments: MAJOR SPOILERS for Kingdom Hearts II. Also includes clips from KH1. When i heard the song "What's Left of Me," I never intended to make a video from it. It was too sappy, too pathetic of Nick to be singing. ^^;; But... after listening to it a few times, all I could think about was Riku and his equally pathetic self. I love you, Riku, but you ARE pathetic. It's a good thing you have Sora around to lean on... Thus, this video was made. Unbearably sappy, but what can I say. Riku/Sora was pratically canon by the end of KH2. They EARNED their sap.

    As always, I ripped the footage myself from the ps2. Then I edited it with adobe premiere (which is love), including removing the subtitles, and finally compressed it with virtualdubmod for uploading's sake. Premiered first on youtube, because it's faster. ^_-

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