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  • Members (5): Mamo!, Fall_Child42, JaddziaDax, Koopiskeva, jade_eyed_angel
  • Title: Echoes of Crack
  • Premiered: 2006-12-12
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  • Song:
    • Delta Goodrem Together We Are One
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  • Comments: zomg...

    For Marky!

    And his birthday! :O

    by like

    people o.O

    Happy Birthday Mark!

    more comments later... we're kind of dead since it's so early..

    Btw, we stole your song because we could ^_^

    Sometimes I think people ask me to join these things cause they know I can edit fast, but that aside, I was half awake when I made my part, either way, I hope mark has/had a good birthday XD

    Yeah, what she said, but I was a little more awake when I made mine. It was convenient that I had Kaleido Star already ripped. lol But Happy Birthday Mark! ^_^

    Yesh, Katie's fast and awesome editings skills totally help here haha.. I was not really so awake when I did mine, so that is where the crack resemblance stems form... yea.... ^_^ Happy Birthday, Mark!!! =]

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