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  • Member: babyroll
  • Title: GUUUUU Cup MV Competition
  • Premiered: 2006-12-11
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • 坂本真绫 Miracle Sea
    • 矢野顕子 愉快な音楽I 猪突猛進
    • 耿其昌 Seize the Weihu Mountain wisely
    • EXNmusic Spicegirls & Doctor Lee
    • Ju Ping Brave Youngster(corrupted version of "Cruel Angel's Thesis")
    • Kamagata Eiichi Subtitle da Konoyaroo
    • Kamagata Eiichi Yo no Charm Point
    • Unknown Artist Prajnaparamita
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I got the aspiration when I hear a remixed song----"Spicegirls and Doctor Lee", which was crazy mixed with the famous Chinese song "Spicegirls" by SongZuying and a newly popular song "Compendium of materia Medical" by Jay Zhou.
    The two songs were too greatly mixed and thus so funny. I decided to make an AMV funny enough to it. My choice was "Jungle Hare nochi Guu"---- which is simply among the most funny animes and the rhythm is just all right.
    I watched through the "HARE&GUU", collecting the interesting clips---- and I had overdone it. So I firstly made two other short videos, using the OP of "Rodoss War"&"KANON", corresponding OVA2_5 and 20. After I worked out the longest video so hard, I watched the 3 videos for several seconds, finally deciding to combine them together.
    So I did it. Your see, it's 9 min 29 now.
    A bit long. But I promise that it will be among the AMVs keeping you laugh all time. Furthermore, if you have watch "HARE&GUU", you will find every scene meaningful---- the most important feature of my videos. Later I will translate the lyrics here, and you may understand it better.
    I've used the music of GINTAMA / KANON / My neighbors the Yamadas / EVA(the terrible version in Chinese) / Seize the Weihu Mountain wisely( classical drama during the Culture Revolution in China) / Spicegirls & Doctor Lee (Remixed by EXNmusic) / Prajnaparamita (a famous/beautiful buddha music ).
    So I have added too many Culture Shock factors to the video. Are you ready? So enjoy this video made by a mad Chinese. Expecting mad opinions.

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