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  • Member: JaddziaDax
  • Studio: Katie's Web Sight!! Productions
  • Title: "Morning Ritual" By: Ahiru
  • Premiered: 2006-12-04
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    • Sailor Moon Memorial Music box Atasi datte hutuu no onna no ko 4
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  • Comments: another mep piece... though i think it works okay as a "stand alone" video...

    Sony Vegas
    Virtualdub Mod

    Video 6
    Editor: JaddziaDax
    Song(s): "Atasi datte hutuu no onna no ko 4" by Sailor Moon Memorial Music Box
    Anime(s) Used: Princess Tutu
    Editor Notes: Moonie211 made me do this....

    I was asked to be apart of the "Moonlight Melody: A Sailor Moon Music Tribute" Mulit-editor Project.....

    I told him I would do it if he could find me a song under 2 minutes, that I could finish in one night, as I was only really "inspired" to do something for his mep if it could be done in one night... O.o he gave me a list of songs... i listened to the beginnigs of these songs and picked the one that annoied me the least O.o and made this... O.o

    im sure people who know the series wont be impressed, but seriously I dont expect ANYONE to be impressed, but im uploading it anyways... I'm not even going to announce this really :/ so eya... anyways, I thought it was a cute thing i made, and ive been dying to upload it on its own... so i am or whatever O.o

    enjoy if you want, :P
    QCs and Ops are always appreciated...
    Thanks for watching though :)

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