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  • Member: Aerialesque
  • Title: Raging Sorrow
  • Premiered: 2006-12-01
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    • Guano Apes Innocent Greed
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  • Comments: My third Elfen Lied video. If you've seen my other two, you will realize that this one is pretty different from those. For one, it's faster paced, with some more action...and it's also not completely centered on Lucy/Nyuu. *gasp* Instead I focused on all three of the Diclonius.

    Background (some spoilers follow):
    For those who haven't watched Elfen Lied, here is a little background on the characters that may help you understand this video better (if you've seen the series, skip this) : The 'Diclonius' are a subspecies of humans who have two small horns on their heads and possess telekinetic powers through 'vectors' (which are much like invisible arms, except not only can they grab objects, but they can slice through most everything). With that said, they are very dangerous beings, and have the power to completely wipe out mankind.

    The three Diclonius in this video are Lucy (has long/sometimes short pink hair, and is the oldest looking), Nana (short, purplish hair), and Mariko (the little girl in the wheelchair, has long lighter pink hair). These girls have all been mistreated at one point or another, which has affected them all psychologically.
    --- Lucy was bullied as a child (to the extent of her dog being beaten and killed by a group of schoolmates) and was basically shunned by society from the very beginning...the only person that has actually treated her like a human being is Kouta. Kouta seems to be the only person that she has ever loved...however, during her childhood, she sees him with another girl, and believes that he has 'betrayed' her. She grows up full of hate and bitterness, and shows no mercy in killing people.
    --- Nana has the complete opposite personality of Lucy. Though she grew up being brutally experimented on, she managed to remain kind-hearted and docile. She looks up to Kurama (the guy in the video with the dark hair and glasses) as her father, and would do anything to please him. There are few parts of the anime that you actually see the so-called 'evil' side of Nana, and you will see those scenes in the video. But, for the most part, she is the kind one of the three.
    --- Last, is Mariko. She was imprisoned as an infant and raised inside a steel container with human contact consisting of nothing more than a scientist acting as a sort of foster mother through speakers and monitors. Because of her weak limbs, she has to move around in a wheelchair. Her true father is actually Kurama, which she doesn't actually find out until the end of the series and...well, I don't think I need to explain much more, because you'll see more in the amv.

    AMV Description:
    What I mostly wanted to bring out through this video is the hatred and bitterness that these girls can really feel (that mostly applies to Lucy and Mariko). I tried to provide some depth to what they've had to go through, and all the pain and suffering that they've had to endure. Please note that this is a very graphic series, violence wise, but I kept A LOT of it out. There is blood...but no flying limbs or anything, like you would see in the anime itself.

    In my eyes, this is really different than anything I've edited so far. Mainly because I like doing drama/romance videos most of the time, and the emotional tone in other amv's of mine tends to be more angsty, and just...sad feeling, I guess. This one is a mix of sorrow/grief and rage...hence 'Raging Sorrow.'

    Technical Stuff
    I really did my best this time to get the quality as top notch as possible...that doesn't mean it is top notch...but I really did try. XP This was my first time working with AviSynth filters (I did use VirtualDub internal filters for Pale Light...but no AviSynth). I also tried something different and edited my .avs script directly in Vegas. (Thanks a ton to x_rex30 for helping figure out how to do that ^_^). I think it worked out really well, and I'll probably be using the same method for my next video. I didn't have to spend hours and hours making individual filtered clips. ;D Anyway, overall, I think the quality turned out pretty decent, even though I wish I could have made it better...

    *Programs used: DVD Decrypter, VirtualDubMod, VFAPI, AviSynth, Vegas 6.0
    *Special thanks to Krisqo and CrackTheSky for beta testing! You guys are awesome, I appreciate all your help. ^^

    Anyway, onto the video! Quick comments, opinions, or feed back of any form are all loved!

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